About the Product Splendora


Splendor (noun): brilliant, gorgeous, grandeur, glory

Splendid (adjective): distinction, majestic, magnificence

Splendora (product): A majestic and gorgeous super maxi pad with wings, made in USA to offer grand and maximum comfort and protection to women of all ages. Splendora is brilliantly designed to offer distinctive advantages over other brands such as Always. In scientific studies by independent commercial laboratories in the United States, scientists showed that total absorbency performance results by Splendora were higher than both Always Long and Always Extra Long pads by over 200%. The Rewet (1st and 2nd insults), and absorbency rates, of Splendora were all significantly superior to Always.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certified Splendora to foreign governments in writing as a product manufactured under the inspection and jurisdiction of the US FDA, and that the product is approved for marketing in the United States of America, and can be legally exported from the United States. Accordingly, Splendora has been approved for marketing in several foreign countries, including Nigeria, where it was independently tested, approved and issued a NAFDAC registration number 03-1646 by the Nigerian Federal Government.