Superior Quality




Splendora (product): A majestic and gorgeous super maxi pad with wings, made in USA to offer grand and maximum comfort and protection to women of all ages. Splendora is brilliantly designed to offer distinctive advantages over other brands such as Always. In scientific studies by independent commercial laboratories in the United States, scientists showed that total absorbency performance results by Splendora were higher than both Always Long and Always Extra Long pads by over 200%. The Rewet (1st and 2nd insults), and absorbency rates, of Splendora were all significantly superior to Always.


FANAFI(Find A Need And Fill It) is a dynamic corporation that partners with socially-sensitive groups in the global community, including churches, women and minority groups, youth groups, etc. to create jobs and alleviate poverty for the jobless and needy who are willing to work to change their economic destiny.


Fanafi owns the worldwide brand and distribution rights of Splendora, a new super-maxi pad brilliantly designed and manufactured in America. Independent U.S. labs show that Splendora is superior to the leading brand in the market. The FDA has issued a written report to certify to foreign governments that Splendora is manufactured under FDA jurisdiction, and can be marketed in the U.S. and worldwide. The government of Nigeria also tested and approved Splendora for marketing in Nigeria, with a NAFDAC number. 

Fanafi makes superior products, and allows the unemployed, through entrepreneurial outreach to them as independent distributors, to make money and alleviate their poverty by marketing Fanafi's quality products. Additional products will be added as Splendora gains significant market penetration, and elaborate network of distributors.


The President of Fanafi is a medical scientist/pharmacy professor whose research led to the creation of seven new drugs patented in the U.S., and two new research techniques in pharmacology used worldwide. In a recent article by scientists in a peer reviewed European journal, Turkish Journal of Politics, Vol. 2, No. 2, p.81, Winter 2011, the Fanafi Company President was cited by name as-----"a world renowned clinical pharmacologist who ranks among the top ten pharmacologists in the world". He was former President and CEO of U.S. drug manufacturing companies for 15 years. His global reputation as a medical scientist/inventor, and his profound business skills will engineer compelling and unprecedented growth for Fanafi, create wealth for socially sensitive groups who serve the needy, and also create jobs and income for many unemployed people in the U.S and global communities.